Is It Safe To Give Your Bank Account Number To Somebody

by Shivani Singh
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 Is It Safe to Give Your Bank Account Number to Somebody

Most of us fear that we fell into the trap of scammers if we share some sensitive information like our Bank Account Number. We cannot keep our bank account number confidential always as it can be seen by many people during situations like issuing cheques. Even if it has sensitive information and needs to be protected, it is secure. But make it available for thieves can make their job easy. They can devastate things and transfer the money from your bank account if they have your account number along with some other easily obtainable details.  Your account number is secure information but does not reveal it to anybody unless it is necessary.

Know Your Bank Account Number

You may doubt that what a person could do with only your Bank Account Number. Yes, they cannot do anything only with an account number. But a cybercriminal can withdraw from your account if he or she can obtain some additional information. There are several occasions when you might need to know your bank account number and reveal it to several people. An account holder needs the number to initiate an online transfer to another bank, to fill out an application form for a wire transfer or simply when he or she talks to the customer support of their bank over the phone.

Review Your Bank Account Regularly

Your bank provides several safeguards to protect the account of their customers but it is important for every account holder to review their account activities regularly to find discrepancies if there is any and to get them fixed. Even if there is no security problem involved in giving your Bank Account Number, you need to check your account regularly to know whether any unwanted transactions occurred or not. Apart from withdrawals, deposits from terrorists or criminals also put you in trouble.

Sharing Your Bank Account Number is Safe

It is a standard practice to give your account number to someone else to get payment. Many individuals and companies receive their payment or funds through electronic transfer by providing their account number. It is easy for a person to get your Bank Account Number but does not share any important information like your PIN, Password, or OTP to anyone under any circumstances. Never give such information even to the representatives of your bank.  There is no risk in sharing only the number of your bank account, but you treat it with much care to avoid unwanted hassles.


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