All About Banking and Finance Course

by Arpita Wadhawan
Banking And Finance Course

When it comes to banking and finance courses, you would soon realize that there are more than a few available. From MBA, Mcom banking and finance courses to short term diploma courses, you can have your pick. Banking is an important industry and naturally, you may want to take up a course or two in banking and finance to help give your banking career better prospects. And while most of the courses require you to be a graduate, there are a few introductory short term courses that you can take up, post high school graduation.

Top banking and finance courses:

PGDM, banking, and finance (NIBM) – post graduate diploma in banking and finance, offered by the national institute of banking management

NSE PGP, investment banking and capital markets – it is a 10-month post graduation course, currently offered by NSE academy, with the main focus of the curriculum being investment banking.

BSE, banking, and finance – This course is a postgraduate course and one that requires you to enroll only after graduation. It is offered by the BSE Institute and offers a comprehensive outlook into various aspects of banking and finance. More importantly, this course is also designed to prep you for various managerial positions such at probationary officer/ management trainee/ executive trainee levels.

Actuarial science – this course is also an important course, one that allows you to perform comprehensive risk analysis on various aspects of insurance. You can enroll for the course only after you have graduated and you would be required to meet the required qualifications before you are allowed to enroll for the same.


It is advisable that you seek to enroll one of the various banking and finance courses, post your graduation. You would need to obtain at least a 50% average with your undergraduate degree before you can enroll for the course. Please keep in mind that there are different banking and finance courses available, depending on your preference and specialization. So, if you happen to be keen on forex, then you may want to opt for a course that comes with a strong foundation in Forex, investment banking, capital markets, etc.

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