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A current account, otherwise called a financial account is a kind of deposit account kept up by people who complete a fundamentally higher number of exchanges with banks all the time. It is made by the bank on solicitation of the candidate and is made accessible for visits or quick access.

Current accounts identify with liquid deposits and it offers an expansive scope of modified choices to help financial dealings. Current accounts likewise permits to make instalments to loan bosses through the cheque facilities that are offered by the bank.

Usually, current accounts don’t give interests and require a higher minimum balance when contrasted with a savings bank account. Nonetheless, the best-preferred position of the current bank account is that, account holders can without much of a stretch profit from overdraft facility up to a concurred limit.

Highlights of a Current Bank Account

A current bank account is one of the essential prerequisites for beginning a business. Nowadays, banks offer various alluring offers and advantages on current accounts to coordinate the enhanced needs of organizations. Recorded beneath are a portion of the essential highlights of a current bank account:

  1. A current account permits exchanges past the extent of an investment account
  2. Contrasted with a savings bank account, a current account requires a higher minimum balance
  3. It is intended to encourage visit exchanges – move reserves, get cheques, money, and so on.
  4. A current account can be worked by people, restrictive concerns, open and privately owned businesses, affiliations, trusts, and so on.
  5. No limitation on the number of exchanges in a day
  6. Non-upkeep of the base parity can draw in punishment charges
  7. Much the same as the bank account, KYC rules are to be followed in any event, for current accounts
  8. For a solitary business, there can’t be numerous current accounts
  9. The prime goal of the current account is to encourage smooth exchanges for organizations
  10. These days, a few banks offer financing costs on current accounts also.
  11. Current accounts charge interests on transient supports the account holder has acquired from the bank.

Advantages of a Current Account

  1. Takes into account brief business exchanges
  2. No restriction on withdrawals
  3. No restriction on stores in the home branch
  4. Empowers businesspeople to make direct installments utilizing cheques, request drafts, or pay orders
  5. Gives overdraft facility
  6. Gives internet banking and mobile banking facilities
Current Account

Kinds of Current Account

Banks offer various kinds of current accounts to suit the differential needs of their clients. You ought to have a clear idea of exchanges you wish to complete in the wake of opening a current account. Here are a portion of the regular kinds of current accounts offered by banks:

  • Standard Current Accounts

It is a kind of non-interest bearing current account with least balance necessities and a specified month to month normal balance. It offers checkbooks, platinum cards, overdraft facilities, and so forth. Different highlights may incorporate internet banking, SMS banking, Free RTGS, and NEFT exchanges, and so on.

  • Packaged Current Accounts

The packaged current accounts offer a heaps of advantages to account holders. It accompanies extra highlights, for example, travel protection, clinical help, emergency aides, and so on.

  • Single Column Cash Book

Simple money accounts or single column cash book accounts take into consideration day by day exchanges yet doesn’t give highlights, for example, overdraft facility. It is appropriate for those organizations that don’t keep up bank accounts. It is a cashbook which records the day by day exchanges under isolated sections for charge and credit.

  • Premium current accounts

It accompanies select offers and advantages to account holders. The account gives a huge number of redid highlights and it is commonly appropriate for the individuals who complete high financial exchanges.

  • Foreign currency accounts

For those people or organizations that require visit exchanges to be completed outside monetary standards, a remote money account is the best choice.

Different Ways of Depositing Cash in Current Account

You can store money in your current account utilizing any of the accompanying techniques:

  • Depositing money at any of the branches of your bank
  • Cheque deposits
  • Electronic transfers
  • Wire transfer from abroad

Various Types of Access Provided by Current Account

You can get to your current account for day by day money exchanges utilizing any of the accompanying techniques:

  • Home branch

You can visit your parent branch for an assortment of banking needs, for example, money withdrawals, deposits, financial help, and so forth. There might be charges material of withdrawals or deposits after a specific breaking point even at the bank facility.

  • Cheque facilities

It is one of the conventional methods of pulling back money from a current account. Even though internet banking is taking over the vast majority of the physical exchanges, cheque choice is as yet favored by a great deal of clients.

  • ATMs

You can pull back your money from any of the closest ATM without visiting a branch. ATMs permit you to pull back money much after the ordinary banking hours, in any case, as far as possible are low.

  • Internet Banking

The internet banking facilities empowers account holders to play out a horde of banking exercises, for example, money transfers, clearing installments, seeing proclamations and balances, and significantly more.

It is one of the most favored techniques for getting to a current account as you can execute in any event, during the non-banking hours. Without holding up in long lines and rounding out structures, you can move cash from your account in the snap of a catch. In any case, online transfers have a specific breaking point past which you will require a look at to convey such exchanges.

  • Telephone Banking

The vast majority of the main banks give telephone banking administrations which permit clients to play out a large group of exercises through calls. You can audit your exchanges, make installments, or cheque your balance utilizing the telephone banking facilities.

Necessary Documents Required to Open a Current Account

You have to present the accompanying documents at your bank to open a current account:

  1. PAN card
  2. Address confirmation proof
  3. Organizations or trusts must present a declaration of consolidation and reminder of affiliation
  4. Association understanding if there should arise an occurrence of organization firms
  5. ID and proof of the address of all the applicants
  6. A color photo of the applicant(s)
  7. Cheque from existing savings bank account for account opening
  8. Organizations ought to give the address of correspondence

Note: Make sure that the KYC archives you submit are substantial on the date of accommodation.

HDFC Bank Current Account

HDFC Bank offers various custom current account options to people that are customized to suit the individual prerequisites of clients. The accounts don’t restrain the number of everyday exchanges and give a large group of advantages. Given underneath are a portion of the well known current accounts offered by HDFC bank.

  1. ULTIMA Current Account
  2. Supreme Current Account
  3. Apex Current Account
  4. EZEE Current Account
  5. Max Current Account
  6. Agri Current Account
  7. Plus Current Account
  8. Current Account for Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • ULTIMA Current Account

ULTIMA is a perfect answer for organizations searching for highlights past the typical current account choices. It is structured remembering the exchange prerequisites of makers, wholesalers, multispecialty hospitals, and so forth.

  • Supreme Current Account

The Supreme Current Account offered by HDFC Bank causes enormous merchants to deal with their exchanges easily. It additionally gives access to the most progressive and secure type of internet banking and mobile banking administrations.

  • Apex Current Account

It’s a unique current account which offers a wide scope of significant worth included administrations. Clients can exploit money deposit limits equivalent to multiple times the normal month to month balance of the earlier month. Clients can likewise profit free interest drafts and pay facility.

  • EZEE Current Account

This account is most appropriate for the individuals who dealers who work across different urban areas. Clients can appreciate consolidated money deposit constrains over all branches in the nation. If you have opened an account in semi-urban and provincial branches, at that point you can benefit limits on the normal quarterly balance prerequisites.

  • Max Current Account

The Max Current Account offers a dynamic money deposit limit at any branch in the country. The deposit of cash offered under the Max Current Account is equivalent to multiple times the current month normal month to month balance.

  • Agri Current Account

As the name proposes, the current account offers various highlights to agricultural businesses to assist them with accomplishing maximum advantages on the deposits. Clients can send and get cheque installments anyplace in the nation. Additionally, no charges are deducted on deposits up to Rs.10 lakhs.

  • Plus Current Account

This account is intended for specialists who manage providers in various parts of the nation. It permits the client to deposit money overall HDFC bank arranges and gives extra 50 compensation for every request and 50 interest drafts that can be given at any branch.

  • Current Account for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

The account permits free boundless assortment of assets through RTGS and NEFT and gives month to month money deposits up to Rs.10 lakhs. Notwithstanding that, you can likewise benefit 30 interest drafts and pay arranges every month.

ICICI Bank Current Account

ICICI Bank has propelled a progression of current account items to meet the normal exchange prerequisites of businesses. These customized items are appropriate for brokers, independent companies, and independently employed experts with a yearly turnover beneath Rs.2 crores. Here are a portion of the current accounts of ICICI bank:

  • New Start-Up Current Account
  • Shubhaarambh Current Account
  • Smart Business Account
  • Smart Business Account – Gold
  • Roaming Current Account Gold
  • Roaming Current Account Premium
  • Roaming Current Account Classic
  • Roaming Current Account Standard
  • New Start-Up Current Account

It’s an exchange account that offers free money deposits up to a year the average monthly balance for a half year. It likewise gives free RTGS and NEFT exchanges and 100 free cheques for each month. It is perfect for startup organizations.

  • Shubhaarambh Current Account

It is like New Start-Up Current Account and offers free money deposits up to multiple times the AMB of the account holder. This facility can be profited in any of the branches the nation over.

  • Smart Business Account

It’s a current account item that offers free money deposits up to multiple times the average monthly balance required to be kept up in the account. Account-holders ought to keep up a minimum monthly balance of Rs.25,000.

  • Smart Business Account – Gold

It offers plenty of advantages on the monthly average balance kept up by the account holder. The minimum monthly average balance (MAB) ought to be Rs.1 lakhs and clients can benefit free money deposits up to 12 times the MAB.

  • Roaming Current Account Gold

It’s a current account reasonable for the medium-sized businesses that have a money deposit prerequisite underneath Rs.10 lakhs every month. The minimum monthly average balance required to keep up a Roaming Current Account Gold is Rs.1 lakh.

  • Roaming Current Account Premium

It’s a premium class current account which offers free money deposits up to Rs.5 lakhs. The minimum monthly average balance required to be kept up by the account holder is Rs.50,000. It additionally offers free RTGS and NEFT exchanges too.

  • Roaming Current Account Classic

The account offers free money deposit up to Rs.2.5 lakhs every month in the home branch and it likewise gives free cheque assortments and installments. The minimum monthly average to be kept up for Roaming Current Account Classic is Rs.25,000.

  • Roaming Current Account Standard

The Roaming Current Account Standard is intended to guarantee that your business exchanges occur at a smooth pace with only a minimum average balance prerequisite of Rs.10,000.

Axis Bank Current Account

Axis Bank’s current account accompanies a large number of highlights and benefits, and these are intended to give the best degree of adaptability in exchanges. The accompanying current account items are offered by Axis Bank:

  • Normal Current Account
  • Local Current Account
  • Business Advantage Account
  • Business Select Account
  • Business Classic Account
  • Sweeps Current Account
  • Normal Current Account

The account gives 25 free exchanges for every month and offers a free money deposit facility of up to Rs.2 lakhs in the home branch and Rs.1 lakh in different branches. It has a day by day withdrawal breaking point of Rs.1 lakh every day.

  • Local Current Account

It gives a large group of administrations to suit the local business prerequisites of clients. There is no restriction set on the monthly minimum

  • Business Advantage Account

The Business Advantage Account offers a free money deposit facility of up to Rs.3 lakhs for home branch and Rs.1 lakh for different branches. It permits 50 free exchanges for each month.

  • Business Select Account

Business select account offers a higher withdrawal breaking point of Rs.6 lakhs every day and the free deposit facility is multiple times the monthly average balance kept up in the account. The account permits 100 free exchanges in a month.

  • Business Classic Account

The Business Classic Account has a free money deposit facility and a withdrawal cutoff of Rs.12 lakhs every month. It additionally gives 200 free exchanges for each month.

  • Sweeps Current Account

The money withdrawal limit offered by the Sweeps Current Account is Rs.1 lakh every day and the free money deposit offered is Rs.1 crore per pool for a home branch.

IndusInd Bank Current Account

The current account of IndusInd Bank is intended to meet the necessities of customary businesses, corporate firms, shippers, and exporters. Recorded underneath are a portion of the current accounts of IndusInd bank:

  • Forex Current Account
  • Indus Edge Current Account
  • Niche Current Accounts
  • Forex Current Account

It permits exchanges in 7 distinct monetary forms and is intended to meet the necessities of universal business associations. Through Indus EXIM and Indus Dollar One accounts, merchants and exporters can benefit economically exchange administrations.

  • Indus Edge Current Account

The account is intended for enormous merchants, wholesalers, and makers and it accompanies high money deposit limits. Indus Edge has 7 variations which are recorded beneath:

  • Indus Blue
  • Indus Silver
  • Indus Silver Plus
  • Indus Aspire
  • Indus Gold
  • Indus Gold Plus
  • Indus Prestige
  • Niche Current Accounts

IndusInd offers three distinctive current account items to take into account the business explicit needs of dealers. It is as per the following:

  • Indus Grain Merchant Flexi
  • Indus Textile Current Account
  • Indus Infotech Current Account

Yes Bank Current Account

Yes Bank offers three sorts of current account items to scale up the business exercises of little scope businesses. Given beneath are the sorts of current accounts offered by Yes Bank:

  • Edge Business
  • Prime Business
  • Exclusive Business
  • Edge Business

It offers a large group of significant worth added administrations to suit the differential needs of clients. The item is perfect for startup firms where the exchange volume isn’t high. The account can later be changed over into Prime Business or Exclusive Business current accounts.

  • Prime Business

This account is appropriate for developing businesses that require various redid benefits because of the high volume of exchanges. You can look over the rundown of significant worth included administrations that coordinate your business necessities. The account is qualified for updates to Edge Business or Exclusive Business accounts.

  • Exclusive Business

The account accompanies a great deal of cost sparing highlights and it is appropriate for enormous and set up business firms. The account offers a wide scope of advantages dependent on account use.

Punjab National Bank Current Account

Punjab National Bank offers two unique accounts to empower visit banking exchanges. Coming up next are the sorts of PNB current accounts:

  1. PNB Smart Banking Current Account
  2. PNB Current Deposit Account
  • PNB Smart Banking Current Account

It accompanies an assortment of highlights and selection of variations to meet the differential needs of clients. PNB Silver, PNB Gold, PNB Diamond, and PNB Platinum are a portion of the variations offered under the PNB Smart Banking Current Account item. The minimum balance required for clear in and clear out the facility is Rs.10,00,000.

  • PNB Current Deposit Account

The PNB Current Deposit Account empowers people, restrictive and organization firms, HUF, and so on., to complete business in a helpful path without constraining the number of exchanges. The item is accessible in all parts of Punjab National Bank. Account-holders can set standing directions on the account.

SBI Current Account

SBI offers various kinds of current accounts relying upon the profile of the business visionaries. Here’s the rundown of current account results of SBI:

  1. Normal Current Account
  2. Unfixed Deposit
  3. SME Power
  4. Sahaj Current Account
  • Normal Current Account

As the name recommends, the normal current account is for businesses that don’t include a gigantic measure of exchanges. The minimum balance prerequisite for opening a Normal Current Account is Rs.10,000. The account gives a free corporate internet banking facility.

  • Unfixed Deposit

It’s a fixed deposit account with a minimum balance necessity of Rs.15 lakhs. You can deposit from 7 days to short of what one year. The sum can be pulled back whenever the following 7 days from the date of deposit. The Unfixed Deposit account offers an enthusiasm of 6.25% for deposits above Rs.1 crore repaired to 61 days and 6.75% for 61 days to 1-year time frame.

  • SME Power

SME Power current account offers three unique variations with differing quarterly average balances. Clients can appreciate a bunch of advantages and offered to rely upon the item chosen. Recorded beneath are the variations of SME Power:

Power Pack – a quarterly average balance of Rs.5 lakhs

Power Gain – a quarterly average balance of Rs.1 lakh

Power Base – a quarterly average balance of Rs.20,000

  • Sahaj Current Account

The account is intended for little to mid-extend businesses, and it requires a quarterly average balance as low as Rs.1,000. The greatest withdrawal limit offered by the Sahaj Current Account is Rs.15,000 every day. The money settlement every day is restricted to Rs.10,000. The item is accessible in all the parts of SBI. Clients can liberate standing directions for advance installment of charge. You can contact your closest SBI branch for opening a Sahaj Current Account.

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