Are bank FD Safe In Your Banks? Know Here

by Vinita Amesar
Fixed Deposit

Banking is a very important and helpful thing in our daily lives. These days we can’t imagine a life without a bank. We are so much dependent on a bank that cash is now going outdating. Banking is a new generation activity. Earlier people use to keep the cash with them which was not a safer idea now for that we have banks.

How to Make Money From FD?

We can earn with the money we have. We can make bank FD, which is known as fixed deposits. Fixed deposits have been explained in the following points:

• A fixed deposit (FD) is the process that can help us earn money from the bank. In this process, we keep our money in the bank in our account which can be made as an FD, or fixed deposit under which we will get a certain rate of interest over a certain period. Higher the period will give a higher rate of interest and vice versa.
• Bank FD which is also known as the fixed deposit is called a monetary instrument in the banking language. It is called an instrument because we can exchange this instrument with money from the bank.
• In fixed deposits, the money gets blocked for a certain period over which they give a certain amount of interest. In this case, as time is more we will get more interest, for example for 1 year we will get 7%, and for 2 years we will get 8%, etc.
• A fixed deposit (FD) is a type of investment in which we can have benefits in our future. This is the investment which is very beneficial for us if we have kept the spare money in the bank. We can earn very large profits with this amount as well.

These are the points explaining bank FD’s but there may arise a questions also that are these bank FD’s safe because in today’s world we hear a lot of new about fake accounts, fake people, frauds, scams, etc. so there this question may arise that our money deposited in our bank accounts are even safe? Or will we get the expected profits or we will be suffering loss? These are the questions arising inside the mind of almost every customer of the bank but the banks are the institutions that always take care of their customers and try not to make their customers suffer in any of the cases.

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