How L&T Mutual Fund Could Be A Great Investment For Everyone?

by Ambili Raveendran
L&T Mutual Fund Company

A mutual fund is a very common word these days as everybody knows about this investment plan. It is a great investment option for those who wish to save and earn a second income. A pool of money is accumulated in this scheme from many investors and invested efficiently in various securities to earn high returns for the investors. Different types of mutual funds are available in the market like short-term, long-term, or even medium-term to achieve the investment goals. You can find plenty of mutual fund companies in India that offer different funds to choose for the investors to fulfill their financial goals. L&T mutual fund is one of the most popular mutual funds in the country that helps you to invest properly and create wealth. Know more about this mutual fund to make your investment in this scheme wisely.

A Popular Mutual Fund Option With A Large Pool Of Schemes

Owned by L&T Finance Holdings Ltd., the L&T Mutual Fund is a great investment option for those who wish to earn maximum returns on their savings with minimum risk.  Registered under RBI as a non-financial banking institution, this company is known for its expert and well-trained investment managers. As per AUM, the mutual funds from L&T are among the leading value-oriented funds in the country which maintains a high coverage to mid-cap securities. One of the great features of the mutual funds from L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. is that investors can find a large pool of schemes to save their money to earn more returns.

Know Different Types Of Investment Plans From L&T Mutual Fund

With a wide range of mutual fund schemes, every kind of investor can find something to meet their financial goals with the L&T Mutual Fund.  Take a look at the different types of mutual funds offered by L&T.

L&T Equity Funds: It is a great choice for those who wish to invest in equities or stocks and ready to take a high-risk for long-term capital growth. You have the option to invest your money in a short, medium, or long-term plan based on your interest. This plan ensures a high return for the investors relatively compared to other mutual fund choices.

L&T Fixed Income Funds: This is another great mutual fund option from L&T that ensures a fixed flow of income for their investors by investing in certificates of deposits or bonds. It shall be a good choice for those with a regular income stream and look for low risks.

L&T Hybrid Funds: The best advantage of this L&T Mutual fund is that it offers access to both debt funds and equities to their investors. As an investor, you need to invest 60% of funds into equity-based hybrid funds in this plan.

L&T Funds of Funds: The most attractive feature of this mutual fund option from L&T is that it ensures diversification in the portfolio of investors by allowing them to invest in other mutual funds.

So, in this way, L&T provides you a great investment policy and scheme for growing your investment.

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