How To Open Mutual Fund Account?

by Arpita Wadhawan

People always look for the best investment options to save their money and earn good returns. An investor must consider several things before choosing a scheme to invest his or her money. Nowadays, many people choose mutual funds as their investment option. If you check the personal finance part of a newspaper or magazine, it is full of news related to this investment plan. Mutual funds provide great benefits to their investors. But before investing, you must know how to open a mutual fund account. Get an idea about how to open an account for mutual fund investment by reading this article.

Mutual fund account how to open it?

People prefer to invest in mutual funds as it offers an array of schemes. It has wide category divisions and different variants in particular categories. Investors find it beneficial as it has good scope when it comes to offering variety. Open a mutual fund account is pretty easy as it is just like filling an online form. What all you need to furnish your basic details like your name, email ID, Phone Number, and a password.

You can do the basic registration by providing all the above information. If you plan to open an account for your mutual fund investment, go for full registration for getting complete access.

Pan Validation

Enter the PAN card number for validation is the first step for full registration for a mutual fund account. The person needs to fill some other details also for PAN validation like your DOB and RM CODE. Proceed to the next step by ticking the declaration. For people who have the C-KYC registration need to enter its details such as its name, C-KYC number, and then proceed to the next step.

You will get a message like “PAN number is not linked to any KRA/KYC” for people who do not have KYC registration. If you do not have such details, you cannot proceed to the next step. In such cases, you need to do the KYC registration first and finish the process once you get those details.


The next step for your open a Mutual fund account is to fill the KYC and FATCA form.  You need to fill details like your Tax status as an Indian resident or NRI in this form. After that, enter all other information like your income details, occupation, net worth, and correspondence address to fill this section.

Bank account details

The third step for opening a mutual fund account is to fill your bank details like your name as per the bank account, name of the bank, Account number, Account type, IFSC code, MICR Code, Branch Name, Branch address, etc.

It also offers the option to attach a scanned copy of the cheque lead of the account. An account holder can add up to 4 bank account details in this section.


The next step for opening an account for mutual fund investment is to provide the details of your nominees. You can mention the names of 3 people as your nominees. In the section, add the name of nominees, their address, relationship, and date of birth. You also need to mention the share percentage in the nominee details. Click ‘another nominee option’ if you want to add the second nominee in this area.

Confirm details

You will get a chance to check all the details that you have already furnished in this section. Check all the details and make the necessary changes if any of them requires editing. Tick the declaration and submit it in order to complete the registration process. You will get a message stating your registration is successful once you provide all the necessary information to open a mutual fund account.

Investment process

An account holder can log in his or her mutual fund account with the email ID and password that he or she has provided at the time of registration. They will be directed towards a dashboard once log in their account and can they see all the investment details at this place. All account holders can create their own portfolio in this section. Check different mutual fund schemes here and purchase them based on your investment objectives and returns.

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