Why Should You Opt For Financial Director’s Job?

by Garima Sharma

Finance Director holds the supremity in the company by becoming a member of the company’s chief executive. Here we’ll give you the job description of a Finance Director and also what educational qualifications one required to become the same. if you’re confused in your career as a Finance Director then this article is for you. 

Job Description of a Finance Director:

  • Managing the preparation of budgets, forecasts and accounting activities.
  • Issuing directions to operations staff, business planning, budget development and compliance for the department.
  • Overseeing the preparation of regulatory and financial reporting as per the requirements and ensuring compliance with the law of the land.
  • Developing procedures and policies needed to control and report financials.

Educational Qualifications of a Finance Director

He / She should have a master’s degree in:

  • Business Administration,
  • Economics,
  • Finance, or
  • A related field,

Although some employers make an exception by accepting applicants that have a bachelor’s degree, clubbed with years of experience in the financial field, a must for this position.

Salary Part

The average salary for a Finance Director in India is INR 3,323,922 per year. Most of the people in this profile and related jobs have a five year plus experience. Skills that are more common in the Finance Director are:

  • Financial Analysis,
  • Senior Financial Management,
  • Finance,
  • Financial Reporting, and
  • Accounting.

A Finance Director’s salary has a directly proportional relationship with his / her experience, i.e. as the experience increases, so does the salary.

  • An entry-level Finance Director, that has a less than 5-year experience gets an annual compensation of 9.6 Lac INR as per the figures provided by anonymous users. This average total compensation also includes:
  1. Tips
  2. Bonus and
  3. Overtime pay.
  • A Finance Director that has a mid-career experience, including employees with 5-10 years experience, gets average total compensation of 2,431,000 INR based on 19 salaries.
  • An experienced Finance Director that includes employees having 10 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of 3,816,000 INR based on 97 salaries.
  • A Finance Director with late-career experience including employees having greater than 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of 4,021,000 INR based on 27 salaries.

If you wish to know in detail about this topic, then try searching for them on popular online financial sites or do a Google Search. Note: All the financial data given here is for Indian Territory only.

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