The Two Related Subjects: Banking and Finance

by Arpita Wadhawan
Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance have been the backbone of our society ever since 27 February 1472, Siena, when the first bank was established. Ever since then, this profession has managed to evolve over the centuries to the modern banking institution that we are all familiar with. But when it comes to landing a job at a top bank, which is easier said than done. A candidate would have to be qualified and furthermore, they would have to submit to the bank’s own internal process before being selected and offered a position at the bank. But as far as India goes, you can always enroll for a course in banking and finance and ensure that you meet all the criteria that are required for the banking post.

Banking and finance, the course:

A course in banking and finance can well prep you for a career in banking. The course often consists of a wide-ranging curriculum that can span everything from share markets, analyzing the GDP to testing out various economic theories, concepts and much more. The course would be for a specified period and at the end of which, you would have to sit for an exam to be tested as to your abilities. At the end of the course, you could further specialize in the field that you are interested in.

Eligibility criteria

Unlike other MBA or MCOM courses in banking, these courses are generally open to all and you can enroll at any point, once you have graduated from your school. You could either enroll in the UG program or go in for the PG program in banking and finance. For the former, all that is required of the student is a 12th pass with at least 50% in the main subjects. And for the PG course, you are required to have completed your UG degree. With this course, you can further specialize in banking and finance. There are several fields that you can specialize in and chart your own future. But please note that at the completion of the course you would still have to apply to various banks to land a job with a reputable bank.

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