LOAN FOR CAR: Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Applying

by Garima Sharma
car loan

You’ve been wanting to buy your car for long but the finances just don’t seem to be adding up. It is for times like these that car loans come in handy. A car loan is a personal loan that allows the potential buyer to pay the vehicle off in monthly payments instead of having to pay the full price all at once. A bank or a lender pays off the entire amount of the car on behalf of the borrower which the latter pays off in monthly installments with an interest fee. A car loan can be secured depending on your credit rating and document verification by the bank or the lender.

A car loan can be obtained by the borrower easily nowadays. Many banks provide car loans at prevailing interest rates for a specified period of time.  It should fit into your monthly budget. When you decide to take a loan it is important to keep your income and expenses in mind. Once a loan has been acquired, you should put down a higher down payment than required because this will help lower your interest rate and monthly payment altogether. If the borrower fails to pay the monthly payments, their lender will repossess the car to pay off the debt.

A car loan involves 4 important things:

  • Loan cost which involves the principal and the interest. The former is the negotiated cost of the car itself and the latter is the total amount of the cost accrues over the life of the loan.
  • Interest Rate is the basic rate charged by the lender on the money borrowed.
  • Down payment is the upfront cash paid by the borrower at the time of purchase of the car.
  • Terms and conditions are all the nitty gritty’s that make up a car loan including the term of the loan, normally stated in a number of months or years; insurance and registration requirements; loan payoff and resale terms; maintenance requirements; conditions regarding theft or accident; and conditions of loan default and repossession.

Banks offer good deals on loans for cars. Rates and terms might vary between lenders so it is important to find a deal that gives you the most. Before taking a loan for your car to make sure that you read the fine print of the loan agreement before signing. Understand the maths and head straight for the car dealer to get your dreams on wheels.

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