How To Prepare For The NISM Series To Be A Mutual Fund Agent?

by Shivani Singh
NISM Mutual Fund

Today’s generation is smart when it comes to investing in money. Most of them choose different schemes rather than saving in their bank accounts. Mutual Funds are one of the best and common investment options for the new generation because the money they invested in it managed efficiently by experienced professionals in this field. Like a good investment option, Mutual Funds can be a good career choice for you as the agents and distributors of mutual funds can make a lot of money as commission. Read this article to know about the mutual fund commission and how you can be a mutual fund agent.

Mutual Fund Commission – A Great Way To Earn Money

In order to be an efficient agent, you must have good knowledge about mutual funds. Even if getting a good knowledge of this scheme can be a little difficult and challenging, it can be a good career choice for you. You can be an agent or distributor of mutual funds and can earn mutual fund commission. In this investment plan, money is pooled from a large number of people, and the fund raised is managed professionally with the help of a fund manager. Anybody can be a mutual fund agent or distributor to earn an outstanding part-time income.

Steps To become A Mutual Fund Agent

Mutual fund houses need agents in order to promote the sales of mutual funds. Even if there is not any minimum qualification required to be an agent or distributor, the person who wants to shine in this field needs to pass the NISM series V-A. By passing the Mutual fund distributors certification examination, one can be a qualified agent or distribution of mutual funds. Good preparation and spending a good amount of time is required to pass this examination.

The person who cleared this exam needs to fill in their KYD (Know you Distributor) details along with biometrics. He or she also needs to fill the AMFI Registration form to be a qualified agent and to earn mutual fund commission. It is a small application form in which you need to fill your name, address, and qualifications and submit it to any of the CAMS offices along with your photographs. The person who submits the form will get his or her ARN card at their registered address on completion of the process within a few days.

How To Prepare For The NISM Examination Series

A person with the AMFI registration number (ARN) is eligible to distribute mutual fund services and earn a commission. He also needs to register with different mutual fund houses in order to earn not only the mutual fund commission but also get application forms on different marketing materials. NISM series V-A is an online examination, and one needs to prepare well to pass it. Practicing mock tests and exams is helpful before appearing for the final examination to become a mutual fund agent. Prepare well for this examination and earn a good part-time income as a mutual fund agent.

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