How To Keep Your Bank Account Details Secure?

by Shivani Singh
Bank Account

Data hacking and breaches are very common these days that make headlines almost every day. Being an account holder, you must be keen to keep your bank details safe and secure. Every bank ensures to keep the information of their customers secure, but it is also important from the part of account holders to take action to protect their personal bank account details to avoid unwanted tensions and hassles. An account holder can minimize the risk of fraud and scams and keep their money safe if they take some simple steps. Here are a few steps that help to protect your bank details and keep your money safe.

Do not disclose your bank account details

Never disclose your bank account details to anyone under any circumstances to keep your bank account safe. If a scammer gets your login information or other bank details, the door may open to him for doing unauthorized activities. So, never disclose any of your bank details even from a representative of your bank or law enforcement. It is better to avoid sharing your login information with your spouse or a partner if you hold a joint account with them.  Since each of the joint account holders has their own password and information for login, there is no need to share your personal details with anyone else.

Keep access to your bank account secure

Some of the best things that help to protect your bank details and reduce the risk of frauds are:

  1. Ensure to keep track of all your banking transactions. Turn on the transaction notifications helps you to know instantly whenever a transaction occurred. You will get to know when the bank charges any amount or any money deducted from your account.
  2. Do not share the PIN that you use to activate your bank card. Memorize the PIN instead of writing it anywhere. Ensure not to share this number even with your family or friends or anybody who pretend as the representative of the bank over the phone.
  3. Make a unique and strong password with the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for your net banking. Ensure not to share it with anyone to protect your bank account.
  4. Always protect your login bank details and do not share it with third parties. Never share the client number and password of your NetBank to others.
  5. Whenever you use your card to pay at shops or restaurants or other places, ensure to swipe it within your eye-sight. Insist to swipe it in front of you and ask for a receipt to keep your card details safe even if a transaction has been failed or canceled.

It is important for every account holder to avoid falling into the trap of scammers and frauds. Ensure to use strong passwords for login. You must use strong security questions for the access of your mobile and online banking. Avoid using the same password for several logins as it may help fraudster to hack your account easily. Use different passwords for all your online accounts to keep your bank account details safe and secure.

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