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As the name suggests, here in this article we would be getting to know about the first thought that comes to mind when we say the name Finance news and what critical role it plays in the finance related or monetary decision making of an individual/large corporate/government at large.

Some of the popular news channels (Local & International) that disperse Finance News Globally:

  • ET Now
  • NDTV Profit
  • Shark Tank
  • Money Matters
  • The Profit

Some of the popular newspapers (Local & International) that disperse Finance News Globally:

  • Economic Times
  • Financial Times
  • Mint
  • Hong Kong Economic Times
  • Business Standard

How does Finance news help common men/women, businesses and government in decision making when it comes to money matters:

Common men/women

Savings are the best ways to manage extra money or secure your future. But as money making requires serious efforts, so does the money saving. Indian economy where buying Gold is the investment considered an ultimate one, since ancient times. So, people here browse these finance news daily for rates of precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum (few to name for consideration) and depending on the provided information they make the purchase.


Businesses worldwide that earn money via share trading or have unrevealed plans to acquire a share in the rival company or a possible desire to expand business portfolio by means of acquisitions. Browse and navigate these financial news in-depth for the financial health of possible targets before digging into their own or institutional funds, so that they can easily get the mandatory Board Approval.

Like recent news that Walmart is going to acquire stake in Indian Online Retailer Paytm is a decision based on good financial words about latter in the finance news.


Governments worldwide acquire controlling stakes in the businesses critical to nation’s economy whenever bad words about their financial health gets into news. This is more like a government’s preventive maintenance act.

Like US based Qualcomm, leading chip maker in the world, with most sales when it comes to rival makers globally, was in news for Chinese govt. making a move to acquire controlling stake in it, that was considered a potential threat to US’s local and international security interests. But the move was blocked by US federal govt. on security grounds.

To conclude, finance news is critical to global economy, a fake news of this type could damage/destroy a company or a nation’s economy in complete, so it should be presented responsibly.