Working Of Insurance Policy

by Arpita Wadhawan
Insurance Policy Working

End numbers of companies are offering different types of insurance policies to people across the world. Policies are a contract between the customer and the insurance company to pay a certain amount after a period of time in case of an emergency. Different types of an insurance policy include Life insurance, car or vehicle insurance, health insurance, Home insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, flood insurance, critical illness insurance and many more. These insurance policies help in covering the cost in case of an emergency in any situation, such as when you meet with an accident the health insurance will help you pay for the medical bills and for other bills which come under the health insurance.

How does life insurance work?

The customer signs a contract with the life insurance company and pays a set amount of money, monthly or yearly as a part of the premium. This premium is set based on the age, gender and the medical history of the person. This policy was created so that the beneficiaries won’t have to worry about supporting the younger ones in case the customer dies (beneficiaries are the family members). The life insurance payout also helps in clearing the debts like a loan, mortgage payments and more. Medical history and the recent medical reports are checked before offering the policy to the customer, this process ensures that the policy is taken up by a healthy person and not by a person who is already sick (which terminates the life insurance contract).

How does vehicle insurance work?

Vehicle insurance provides insurance for cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles, it helps in providing financial aid in case any sort of damage occurs due to an accident. Even theft and other damages which occur to the vehicle are considered under the policy including the damage of the vehicle or its part due to a natural or man-made disaster. Each region or state has its own set of policies provided by the insurance companies hence one should check all the policies before signing up for a vehicle insurance policy.

Other Insurance policies like Health, critical illness (for people suffering from a terminal or chronic illness), Home, general and other insurance policies have their own rules and regulations. If these regulations are not followed by the customer or when the customer does not pay the premium on time (post warnings), the insurance company has the right to terminate the contract and the payment which has been made by the customer would go in vain (the customer won’t receive the premium back). Hence it is very important to choose the right insurance policy and pay the premium on time as it might help you bring financial aid when you need it the most.

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