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BCA Ibanking

Bank Central Asia is one of the leading banks in Indonesia. BCA aims to achieve high-quality growth with a singular focus on credit quality, growth, and efficiency. BCA strives to augment its role as a leading transaction bank that provides payment settlement services in Indonesia. A strong bank that will aid in a growing economy and national development goals. Ibanking BCA helps achieve just that.

The vision of BCA is to be one of the strongest pillars for the Indonesian economy and the bank that people prefer as a first and best choice. The bank aims to build centers of excellence especially in payment settlements and financial solutions for individuals and business. BCA also aims to cater to all the requirements of its customer and provide him with the ideal financial services for optimized satisfaction. Alongside the bank also aims at enhancing corporate franchise and stakeholder’s value at the same time.

BCA Ibanking aims at providing its customers with insurance services to protect from unexpected risks with solutions to life and property protection. They also provide financial investment for non-residential commercial property financing. BCA also gives a detailed choice of mutual fund products in various securities portfolios with affordable funds. The bond investment that gives details of all government securities with guaranteed coupons and rewards assured by the government. BCA ibanking website provides a platform for its customers to establish secure connections and conduct transactions in a safe manner.

BCA provides easy access to ibanking without having to go to the bank or an ATM. Ibanking needs to be activated first with a User ID and a password. A visit to the nearest branch along with necessary documents like an ID card, BCA savings book, active mobile number and an email address. Request and activate key BCA. Register key BCA through an ATM, once that is done activate ibanking through the official BCA website.

Once the ibanking is activated online it is secure to use the facility. Make sure that you maintain the confidentiality of your PIN and User Id at all times when using BCA ibanking.

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