What Career Opportunities Provided By Insurance Institutes In India?

by Arpita Wadhawan
Job Opportunity

There is growth in the career for Insurance companies as the many people are opting for Insurance policies and the number of the population keeps increasing every day. There are many students who are approaching various Insurance institutes in India to understand how insurance works and how to create a career out of it. Students who advance in the Insurance studies also opt for the policy create sector instead of policy application sector to create the best policy for the customers across the nation.

Following are the top insurance institutes in India, which are also considered as the top colleges in different fields:

  1. Indian Insurance Institute of India, also known as III is an institute and a training center for students who want to pursue a career in the insurance sector.
  2. National Insurance Academy in Pune is an educational institute which provides higher education in the field of Insurance.
  3. Institute of Insurance and Risk Management located in Hyderabad is known for providing a great practical example and offers to their students.
  4. Amity School of Insurance & Actuarial Science is an institute under Amity University in Noida, which is known for providing the best-specialized courses to their students along with an exchange program opportunity to understand the market in different countries.
  5. Birla Institute of Management Technology is also known for providing financial courses to their students who want to pursue their career in the Insurance sector.

There are many posts in the insurance sector hence more opportunities are given to the employees and help them explore which field in the insurance sector suits them the most. Following are the posts available in an insurance company:

  1. Actuary: The one who assesses the risk and sets the premium accordingly.
  2. Claims Adjuster: The one who conducts interviews and investigates the scene of the accidents, this process helps in knowing whether or not the payment should be made.
  3. Claims Examiner: Cross-checks the interview and investigation done by the claims adjuster and provides his/her final review to the company.
  4. Insurance claims and Policy Processing: It is an administrative job where the person has to process the policies applied by the clients and should maintain it properly.
  5. Insurance Sales agent: is the person who sells different types of insurance to potential clients across the city.
  6. Insurance Investigator: An investigator’s role is to research and check whether the customer is claiming false insurance, his/her role is to protect the company’s reputation.

There are many other roles in the field of Insurance and the growth of this sector is increasing rapidly. Since most of the insurance companies are under the government Regulatory Act, the employee will also be able to benefit from the company like any other regular government employee.

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