What Are The Essential Insurance Documents Required For A Claim? Know Here

by Vinita Amesar
Insurance Documents

Needed essential Insurance Documents for recording Claim. ​In case you need to report a case under Motor Insurance​, if you don’t mind call our Helpline number 1800 3009 (Toll-free) when a case happens.

Some list of insurance documents and proof you should give us to record a case are as per the following:

  • Arrangement number
  • Your contact numbers
  • Name of insurance claim individual
  • Date and time of the issue or incident
  • Vehicle number
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Area of accident
  • Brief portrayal of how the incident occurred
  • Name (with contact subtleties)
  • Contact subtleties and name of the guaranteed individual (if the individual suggesting the case isn’t protected)
  • Rundown of reports you should keep prepared while making a case.


Accident Damages and insurance documents required are:

  • Confirmation of Insurance – Policy/Cover Note duplicate
  • Duplicate of Registration Book, Tax Receipt (Original required for check)
  • Duplicate of Motor Driving License (with unique) of the individual driving the vehicle at the material time
  • Police Panchanama/FIR (if there should arise an occurrence of outsider property harm/demise/body damage)
  • Gauge for the repairer, where the vehicle is to be fixed
  • Fix bills and installment receipts after the activity is finished


Insurance documents needed while Burglary Cases:

  • Unique Certificate/Policy Document
  • Unique Registration Book, with Theft support from concerned RTO, and expense installment receipt
  • Past Insurance Details :
    • Policy number
    • Ensuring office/organization
    • Period of protection
  • Every one of the arrangements of keys/administration booklets/Warranty card
  • Police Panchanama/FIR and last examination report/JMFC report
  • Recognized duplicate of letter address to RTO suggesting burglary and making vehicle “NON-USE”


Insurance documents On Admission of Liability:

  • Structure 28, 29 and 30 marked by the guaranteed
  • Structure 35 marked by the Financer, all things considered, (undated and clear), on confirmation of obligation of safety net providers.
  • Letter of subrogation
  • Assent towards concurred guarantee settlement esteem from you and Financer
  • NOC of the Financer if the guarantee is to be settled to support protected.
  • Guarantee Discharge Voucher marked over a Revenue Stamp (Format Attached beneath).




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