How Do We Save Corporate Tax In India?

by Sweeta Gupta
How do we save corporate tax in india
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Corporate taxe are a type of tax levied exacted on the profits procured by companies and firms working inside the country. The pace of tax collection pertinent on a company relies upon the size of the company’s profit/taxable pay just as on elements like capital depreciation, Cost of goods sold(COGS) just as selling, general and administrative expenses. Cautious management of these costs can be a valuable guide to save corporate tax and limit the deficiency of income through taxation.

Sorts Of Corporations :

A corporation can be characterized as a legitimate element autonomous from its shareholders that is qualified for specific rights and capacities/obligations of its own. In India, corporations can be partitioned into two classes :

Domestic Corporations :

Any company whose management and control is altogether arranged in India and is enrolled under the Indian Companies Acts of 1956 or 2013 is alluded to as a domestic corporations. In the event that the Indian arm of a foreign company is completely controlled and overseen inside the country, it might likewise be considered as a domestic corporation.

Foreign Corporations :

A company that is based outside India or has a part of its activities controlled and oversaw outside the country’s borders is alluded to as an foreign corporation.

Structure of Corporate Tax For Both Types Of Organizations :

Corporate tax is levied upon the net benefit of a company acquired through roads like capital additions, rent, profits, interest or from the actual business. When the taxable income is resolved after deductions, tax collection happens in the accompanying way :

Domestic Corporations :

  • 25% if net turnover is beneath or equivalent to Rs 400 crore.
  • 30% if the gross turnover surpasses Rs. 400 crore
  • Furthermore an additional charge of 7% is exacted if the pay is between Rs 1 and 10 crores and this worth ascents to 10% if the income surpasses Rs. 10 crores.
  • Health and education Cess is likewise charged @4% on the Income duty and overcharge

Foreign Corporations :

  • Royalties or fees for specialized services from the government or any Indian concern are taxed at a pace of 10%
  • Furthermore, some other kind of income is taxed at 40%
  • The additional charges are 2% for corporations with incomes between Rs.1 crore – Rs.10 crore and 5% for those surpassing this range.
  • Health and education Ceess is additionally charged @4% on the Income duty and overcharge

On the other hand, companies can pay a Minimum Alternate Tax of 15% if the sums determined according to the above rates is under 15% of book benefits. There is an extra health and education cess of 4% too subsequently alongside overcharge according to relevant rate.

Corporate Tax Planning :

How do we save corporate tax in india corporate tax planning

From the abovementioned, it is genuinely evident that it is no straightforward undertaking to successfully explore and save corporate tax in the current landscape. This is the place where the idea of corporate duty arranging comes in.

The term ought not be related with tax evasion which is an illicit practice but instead, includes the careful management of a company’s assets and tasks to expand gains and prevent the deficiency of huge segments of the corporate’s income to taxation.

Available Deductions Helps to Save Corporate Tax :

Limiting payable taxes should be possible by observing or taking note of deductions, exceptions and rebates just as the appropriated management and revealing of the organisation’s expenses. These save corporate tax deductions may incorporate :

  • Capital Gains which can either be charged at a flat rate of 15% or 20% or might be tax excluded under Sections 54D, 54G, 54GA 54EC and so forth
  • Donations to beneficent associations which might be 50 – 100% tax exempt under Section 80G subject to terms and conditions.
  • Profits which might be eligable for rebates in specific cases.
  • Deductions for depreciation under Section 32 which takes into consideration a 15% deduction for the deterioration of the expense of old assets like machinery and an extra 20% on the acquisition of new assets in the business of manufacturer or creation of any article or thing in the business of generation, transmission or dispersion of power.
  • Deduction in regard of employment of new employee u/s 80JJAA

Measures For Appropriate Planning :

Notwithstanding the above deductions, here are a few estimates that can be taken to save corporate tax. These rely completely upon how the company’s management devises it’s tax saving methodology.

Effective Management Of Expenses

Many businesses inside the nation work with disorderly labor which may obstruct legitimate record keeping. Subsequently it is essential to keep up point by point reports of overhead expenses and wages paid out to claim deductions on labor and production expenses.

Equity Valuation

While stock costs are for the most part esteemed at cost there are cases including more limited timeframes of realistic usability where it can likewise be esteemed at its Net Realizable Value or NRV which could keep it from being exaggerated and limit the taxable income from capital gains.

This may just be relevant in specific situations where this worth remaining parts genuinely consistent as enormous fluctuations might be reason for fraud.

Utilizing Deductions

Deductions might be the best technique for controlling taxable income and their proper management could end up being crucial for companies hoping to save corporate tax.


It is significant to find some kind of harmony between the different available methods to save corporate tax like deductions and rebates just as the viable management of expenses.

Completely understanding the circumstances that these actions are most appropriate to likewise goes far in amplifying the gains of your corporation.

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