Revealed: Salary Of Entry Level Finance Jobs

by Arpita Wadhawan
Salary of Finance Job

Finance is one field that is extremely progressive and fiercely competitive. It is also one of the highest paying industry, both at the senior and entry level. If you manage to climb up the corporate ladder, finance jobs can end up paying millions as salary, so much so that at the entry level finance jobs seem to pay a substantial salary.

The finance industry offers many opportunities and avenues to evolve and find your niche. A job in Finance requires a firm knowledge of the industry. Good networking skills and a methodical approach to work. There are many finance jobs at the entry level that end up paying handsomely.

  • Financial Analyst – Organizations turn to a financial analyst for guidance and relevant market advice that helps to maximize potential returns. Requiring a bachelor’s degree and accessible to individuals who have no practical experience within the industry, it carries a national median annual salary of $68,781.
  • Investment Banking Analyst – This requires the analyst to interpret financial data and economic trends while offering actionable investment advice. This is the ideal starting point for people looking for a career in investment banking. It carries a median salary of $93,514.
  • Junior Tax associate – This is for graduates who want to develop work experience in the financial and taxation sector. It allows you to review a client’s internal fiscal reporting systems. It carries a relatively moderate annual median salary of $55798.
  • Financial Auditor – As an auditor, you review companies’ financial statements and ensure that their public records are kept accurately and in compliance with existing legislation. It offers an annual average salary of $64,269.
  • A Fund Manager or Investment Managers – These are responsible for implementing a fund’s investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities. Fund managers are responsible for managing the funds that you invest in. They get paid in terms of the percentage of the fund’s average assets under management.
  • Valuation Analyst – They are responsible for determining the value of a business enterprise or the owner’s interest. In order to become a certified valuation analyst, one must have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification. The salary paid ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, therefore companies cautiously assess the candidates on a scale of talent and skills.

Finance entry level offers the most diverse opportunities that are also one of the best paid. graduate salaries are maximum in this sector, sometimes even more than two to three times greater than what fresher earn in other sectors.

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