Providing You Two Bank Full Forms And Other Related Information About Banks

by Vinita Amesar
Bank Full Form

Bank Full Form is –

  • B-Borrowing
  • A-Accepting
  • N-Negotiating
  • K-Keeping

The term bank is a thing. The bank is gotten presumably from the Italian Banca seat, which means moneychanger’s table. The bank is a foundation offering jumpers budgetary administrations, for example, protection and loaning of cash at a premium.

  • ICICI means “Mechanical Credit and Investment Corporation of India”.
  • HDFC means “Lodging Development Finance Corporation”.
  • IFFCO means “Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative”.
  • UNICEF means “Joined Nations, International Children’s, Emergency Fund”(it was previously United Nations International Children’s Emergency).
  • IB means “Scholarly Beuro”.



The full name of this bank’s full form is Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited(ICICI) which was built up in 1955. It was built up to advance business and lodging in India by the Government of India in relation to the World Bank.



The complete name of this bank’s full form is Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC)that was fused in 1977. Despite the fact that the organization was set up for the lodging account yet turned into a bank in 1994 after the private bank advancements occurred in India.

HDFC Bank doesn’t have a full structure, it’s the entire name. It was advanced by the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) and gave them the name. The parent organization still keeps on existing. So they are 2 distinct substances with 2 unique names.

Though ICICI Bank’s in reality full structure used to be Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank yet I get it was such a large number of words for a bank henceforth they abbreviated it to ICICI Bank. Indeed, even ICICI Bank obtained its name from Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) the parent organization which in the end got converged to ICICI Bank in 2001.

Both bank’s parent organizations were made for a particular reason which could be comprehended by their full structure. In the end, the two organizations hopped into the financial division and as opposed to picking another name, they proceeded with their very own names or rather short structure, as the brand was at that point perceived by many, and added the word banks to it.




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