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list of games that were developed with an aim to teach its target segment the basics of finance.

Finance Games

As the name suggests, here in this article the Topic for discussion is finance games.

Below we are listing some of the games that were developed with an aim to teach its target segment the basics of finance.

Whether the money is purple, orange or green in color, games are those valuable tools that have an ability to teach anyone the basics of personal finance in a very fun and stress-free environment.

Kids and adults both alike can learn about:

  • Investing wisely,
  • Future planning
  • Budgeting and
  • The harsh realities of unexpected times.

Below games are selected based on the criteria that how well their in-game economies simulate true money management while still providing hours worth of fun.

Thrive Time

Thrive Time
  • Released back in 2009. It is a crash-course in financial literacy.
  • Designed by the financial literacy authority: Sharon Lechter, it walks players through all of the major financial milestones in life, like:
  • Going to college,
  • Buying a car,
  • Using credit cards,
  • Starting a new business
  • And much more.
  • Every player attempts to make their “rent sheet” balance out against very realistic obligations and very often within a specific time period.

The Sims

The Sims
  • Its Original edition was released back in 2000. It is a classic and quirky life like a simulator.
  • This strategic life simulation video game kicks off an entire series that has till date remained one of the best-sellers since its arrival in the market. In this game, players build a character and design a small community for themselves to live in. The game gives rewards to players who live within their means and save their money for bills that come through the ail. If you Fail to pay your debts, then your favorite possessions get repossessed.