Finance Director: Job & It’s Description

by Arpita Wadhawan
Finance Director

A Finance Director is the crucial link in any company. He is one of the top people to make any finance related decisions for the company. The Finance Director plays a strategic and operational role in the company whether it is big or small. The Finance Director ensures that all the information on finance provided by the financial controller and accountant are relevant and timely. The Finance Director interprets the information and ensures that all systems and processes within the company are optimized in a cost-effective manner. The Finance Director works alongside all the other members of management ensuring plans are put in place to meet the objectives set and provides the financial underpinning to enable the business to delivers on these objectives. This just forms the tip of the iceberg of the job description of a Finance Director.

The job description of a Finance Director includes complete financial control of the assets of the company. They set the budget of the company and ensure that income and expenditure stay within target. They also take complete responsibility for managing the company’s liquidity.

The job description for a Finance Director includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The Finance Director has to work closely with the Managing Director and CEO of the company and should have a complete know-how of the finances of the company.
  • The Finance Director needs to be an exceptional accountant, should have first-hand information on the company’s finances and also commercially aware of the best path of the growth for the company.
  • The Finance Director has complete control and responsibility for all financial aspects of the company.
  • The Finance Director should have excellent communication skills with all levels of staff to ensure smooth financial functioning.
  • The Finance Director is expected to coordinate corporate finance and also manage company policies with respect to debt, taxation, acquisitions, capital requirements and equities, in times of change and growth.

The job description of a Finance Director’s job entails great responsibility and control towards the growth and development of a company.

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