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Credit Card Numbers


As the name suggests here in this article we would be getting to know about the basics of various numbers or numeric combinations present on the credit cards & the specific information they convey.

Types of numbers present on a credit card

  • 16-Digit Credit Card Number
  • CVV (Card Verification Value) &
  • Expiry Date (MM/YY)

All these numbers:

  • Are printed on the front and back of the credit card and
  • Stored in the chip of the credit card.

And are critical to any:

  • In-store swipe or insert card chip transaction &
  • Online Transaction

Information these numbers convey

  1. 16-Digit Credit Card Number

This number is mentioned on a credit card in the format (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX), where each (X : represents a numeric value) and first four numbers of this 16-digit combination tells the information about the card issuing company like:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • JCB &
  • American Express

This number is unique to each credit card i.e. no two credit cards in the world will have same 16-digit combination, this is why that this 16-digit Permutation and Combination is used. So as to allow issuance of millions & billions of credit cards in the present and in the coming future.

2. CVV (Card Verification Value)

This is the three digit numeric value printed alongside the signature area on the back side of a credit card. This is a security feature number.

3. Expiry Date

This information is displayed in the format of (MM/YY):

  • MM = Months (01-12) &
  • YY = Year (01-99)

This information tells the credit card owner about the month and year, post which credit card will not be entertained for any transaction by the card issuing company.

And as per card issuing agreement, card owner has a grace period before the expiry date arrives, so that he/she can apply for a new credit card. In normal conditions, they themselves dispatch a replacement credit card with new expiry date, provided you i.e. credit card owner have given prior permission to them to do so.

To conclude, credit card numbers are basically a set of numbers with different interpretations with an end aim to secure the credit card usage on both online and offline platforms.