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Banking News enables you to remain acquainted with the daily issues related to different Banks worldwide. Newspapers like The Economic Times is one leading media form which is making people know about the daily news related to Banking and their new rules and regulations.

Banking is a significant part of every individual’s life. From keeping our precious investments in the bank accounts to transferring money to our near and dear ones, all is taken care of by the Banks. Therefore, knowing about the daily banking news is inevitable.

Important aspects like Demonetisation, the value of dollar with respect to rupee, new RBI guidelines, digital banking all are parts of Banking News.

For instance, the recent scams and frauds held at PNB were a big part of banking news. Almost all the news channels covered this big news.

Nirav Modi, the big business tycoon was held responsible for this scam at the Punjab National Bank. The bank fraud case relates to the fraudulent letter of undertaking 14 crore approx., issued from the bank by the jeweller and designer Nirav Modi. His wife, son in law and other few members are held responsible for the case.

Other day to day banking news are also available on many other media platforms both online and offline. Newspapers like Business Today is also among the top listed and most used medium of banking news used.

Banking has proved to be indispensable in today’s era.

It is unavoidable and yet significant. You have to stay connected with the new guidelines in order to be well acquainted with the bank rules and regulations.

In today’s era when so many mediums to stay with the banking news are available then what’s the worry!