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Banking 365 is another name for Bank of Ireland 365 online. With the development of Digital Banking, now, it’s as easy as to send a text message as to transfer money via Digital Banking.

Banking 365 online Mobile App and Tablet App lets you work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Getting started on Banking 365 app is as easy than ever before. Calling on their toll free number, now you can confirm your identity and get started with your account in just one simple call.

Bank of Ireland PLC is a public limited company, incorporated in Ireland. Bank of Ireland is regulated by Reserve Bank of Ireland and the Prudential National Authority and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

Banking 365 offers a host of services to its users to make their life better than ever. It lets you transfer funds between Bank of Ireland and third party accounts.

You can open your savings account online. Now, you can top up your mobile phone or a friend’s phone at any time.

Other features are listed as follows:

  • Check your account balances and latest transactions on your current account,              demand deposit account, Bank of Ireland credit card and loan account.
  • Export your recent transaction history and search up to 12 months of account transactions.
  • View and print your eStatements at your convenience.
  • View and pay your credit card bill online.
  • Check and cancel direct debits.
  • Change your address online.
  • Withdraw funds from demand deposit account
  • Access the Money Manager Tool which can help you to better analyse and understand your spending.
  • Serve notice to make a withdrawal from your Notice Deposit or Regular Saver Deposit Accounts.